PHY 162 Experiments for Fall 2017
Meeting Date Experiment
1 31-Aug Calibration of Temperature Sensors
2 7-Sep Joule Heating
3 14-Sep Phase Changes
4 21-Sep Calorimetry
5 28-Sep Quantitative Electric Charges  
6 5-Oct Simulations of Electrical Interactions
7 12-Oct Measurements of Potential Difference, Current and Resistance
8 19-Oct Lab Midterm Exam
9 26-Oct Simple Circuits
10 2-Nov Capacitance
11 9-Nov Magnetic Field of a Slinky
12 16-Nov Introduction to the Oscilloscope 
13 30-Nov R-C Circuits
14 7-Dec L-R-C Circuits
  14-Dec Lab Final - All Experiments not on the Midterm, Lab Practical


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