Activity 2 Matching a Distance Graph

In this activity you will match a distance graph shown on the computer screen.

1. Display the distance graph on the screen. Open the experiment file Position Match.xmbl. The distance graph below will appear on the screen.

This graph is stored in the computer as Run 2. New data from the motion detector are always stored as Latest, and can therefore be collected without erasing the Position Match graph. (Clear any data remaining from previous experiments in Latest by selecting Delete Data Set, then Latest from the Data Menu.) 

2. Move to match the distance graph shown on the computer screen.  You may try a number of times. Work as a team. Get the times right. Get the distances right. Each person should take a turn.  Draw your best effort on the graph above.


What was the difference in the way you moved to produce the two differently sloped parts of the graph you just matched? (Q4)



Tools for Scientific Thinking: Motion and Force 9/92 1987-92 CSMT Tufts U. These activities have been modified locally: 183LoggerProLab1(Motio).doc

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