Today’s lab will give you another opportunity to explore the relationships between an object’s motion and the graphs that describe the motion: x-vs-t, v-vs-t, and a-vs-t. Don’t try to do the minimum required and get finished quickly -- spend some time thinking carefully about what you are doing. I have not encountered another program that is so useful at building intuition. Unfortunately, this program is not accessible from locations other than the Physics Lab.


The program Graphs and Tracks has two parts. In Part 1, you are given the motion graphs for a ball rolling on a track. You must then design a track that will produce the proper motion. You do this by changing the elevation of the various straight segments of track and altering the initial position and velocity. In Part 2, you are shown an arrangement of the track, and you must construct qualitative motion time graphs by using a specialized drawing program. 

Part 1

Part 2

Modified Aug, 2013